Big Picture Retirement Planning Registration Steps

Below are the registration steps to follow for our Big Picture Retirement Planning Class. This class will be a three night course on April 5th, 10th & 19th, we will cover different things each night.


If you have any questions or need any help, you are more than welcome to call us at (903) 793-4014 or send an email to devin@socialsecurityintelligence.com. Thank you!

Click Here to begin.


1. A new account will need to be created for each attendee, the link in the red circle will guide you:



2. Fill in the information gathering boxes then click CREATE.




3. If all information is filled in you will then click GO TO LOGIN.

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4. Using the information on the previous page fill in the boxes and LOGIN.

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5. Now is when you’ll see all of the course details on Texarkana College site:

Click Here to go to the class

These will take you straight to the class, just ADD it TO your CART.


6.  Once added, you may then CHECK OUT.



7. This screen will request that you fill in additional registration information. All of the * boxes must be completed, click NEXT to continue.

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8. The next step is to SUBMIT your free ORDER:



9. CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP under the bold No Balance Due



10. Tell us how you heard about this class:

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11.  You are now registered for the Texarkana College Continuing Education Big Retirement Planning Class.Texarkana College

*If you would like a reminder the Friday before, give us a call at 903-285-6341 and we would be more than happy to remind you ahead of time!