WEP Calculator

If you have a non-covered pension (from work where you didn’t pay SS taxes) and a Social Security benefit from other work where you did pay SS taxes, you need to understand the Windfall Elimination Provision.

The WEP is simply an alternate formula for calculating Social Security benefits for those who have a pension from a job where no Social Security taxes were paid. 

This calculator will tell you:

  • The amount of Social Security benefit you can expect after the WEP reduction (for comparison we also illustrate your benefit without considering the WEP).
  • The number of “substantial earnings” years you already have 
  • How additional years of substantial earnings will affect the WEP penalty

To use this calculator you’ll need to get a copy of your earnings history from the SSA. You should only put in your years of earnings that were covered by Social Security. 


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Devin Carroll
1 month ago
Reply to  Michael Hale

Glad to hear they were valuable!

Michael Hale
Michael Hale
2 months ago

Love the calculators, especially the WEP calculator. My wife will be hit by it but I won’t since I have enough qualifying income years to be excluded. My prior calculations were close, but not what the calculator shows.

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