The SocialSecurityIntelligence.com Texas Community College Scholarship

texas community college scholarships

Texas Community colleges are a great place to get started – or start over.

That’s why we’re proud to offer an annual scholarship of $1,000 to new and current Texas Community College students.

Who is eligible?

This scholarship is open to new and current students of a Texas Community College. A list of these colleges can be found HERE.

At the time of application, the applicant must be one of the following:
– A senior in high school
– A high school graduate

How to apply

The application package will consist of two parts.
1) The cover letter
The letter should tell us who you are and tell us a little about your future plans.
2) The essay
The essay should be at least 1,000 words and tell the story of someone you know who has been deeply impacted by Social Security benefits. Ideas include a grandparent who could not have lived on their own without Social Security, a neighbor who relied on their benefit check to pay utilities or another story of an individual whose life would have been different without Social Security.

Here are a few rules for the essay:

  • Essays must be your own work and not submitted to any other website. A plagiarism check is standard for any submitted content.
  • Essays must be received by August 1st, 2018 in Word document format (not PDF)
  • Applications must state the name of the Texas Community College.

Applications should be emailed to devin@socialsecurityintelligence.com and include name, address and phone number. Please include “scholarship” in the subject line.

How we will select a winner

A winner will be determined by a two-step process:

  1. Scholarship Committee Review
    The scholarship committee will review each application to ensure it meets our rules and editorial guidelines.
  2. Social Media Buzz
    Once an application has moved beyond the committee review, the essay (and a portion of the cover letter) will be published on this website and shared to social media via Twitter and Facebook. The final winner will be chosen by the amount of social media ‘buzz’ each essay generates, as determined by social shares.

This process allows you to increase your chances of winning by (a) making sure your essay is beautifully written and compelling & (b) sharing the social media posts with the links to your essay (we’ll let you know when it’s posted).

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